IT-Solutions for Broadcasting

T2M Tapeless Media Machines GmbH is an expert in the broadcasting sector for real-time control of devices. Current working area is the control of video servers via IP in conjunction with databases. Sophisticated and intuitive graphical user interfaces are a daily joy for every operator. Certain custom projects have become products that we introduce here.

The focus is on visual quality control (Q.C.) and final preparation in the broadcasting center. An automatic file-based Q.C. with correction is certainly valuable, but it works "in the dark". Therefore, in many cases, an additional manual inspection of the material is necessary to check the position and length as well as the audio channel distribution. In addition, file location and synchronicity of the subtitles should be verified. Special attention is paid to the handling of two-lane subtitles, which are highly relevant in Germany.

As a manufacturer and owner of the C++ source code, we can insert changes and amendments according to your requirements.

DirectEdit: visual Quality Control and Transmission Preparation -extended Preview-

View picture and listen to sound directly from a server channel on the PC. Final edit while maintaining the title and control of the subtitles. Integration with Harris ADC or Aveco broadcast automation. read more

QuickEdit: visual Quality Control and transmission preparation

Picture and sound directly from a server channel on the PC. Final HiRes edit and check synchronicity of subtitles with content. read more...

QuickEditQT: manual preparation and checking of subtitles

LowRes editor that does not require a player channel. API access to the video server to create the HiRes cut in parallel. Check synchronicity of subtitles. read more